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World Heritage Museum Hallstatt


Adventure for the whole family

In addition to the Salzwelten (old saltmine) , the ossuary and the historic market square, the World Heritage Museum in the centre of Hallstatt is one of the most popular excursions in the Salzkammergut.

Beam me in!

Today, guests from all over the world are asking themselves: How did the people of Hallstatt live and how did they earn their crust? Curious visitors will receive answers to these and other questions on an adventure tour that, thanks to multimedia technology, takes them back 7,000 years back to the beginnings of the ancient salt mining town. They will learn key data, such as how the Iron Age, known as Hallstatt culture was named after the town and the most important events such as the Great Fire of 1750, which gave the town a new look. The spectrum spans from Illyrians, Celts, and Romans to the great salt lords and simple people. In addition to the numerous original finds from the Hallstatt burial grounds, different areas of life, such as religion, everyday culture and tourism, are presented in an effective and vivid manner.

History with modern technology

On a unique journey through time, historical events on chronologically aligned stations are presented in an interesting and informative manner, including video animations, holographic representations, 3D presentations, life-like dioramas. A floating light sword, a spectacular flight over Hallstatt and a 3D journey through time are some of the highlights of Hallstatt’s World Heritage museum.
The visit will become an adventure for the whole family. With 3D glasses, you can immerse yourself in the history of old Hallstatt and learn trivia from the beginning of human presence to the elevation of the region to World Heritage of mankind.

Look forward to an exciting journey through time, which can also be perfectly combined with the archaeological excavations under the Janu sports shop located just opposite Hallstatt’s World Heritage museum. By the way: also a hot excursion tip for rainy days!

Bad Weather Alternatives

Even if the sun decides to take a break or the weather god is in a bad mood, there’s no reason that your holiday plans should fall through. The many attractive free-time activities of the UNESCO World Heritage Region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut ensure a diverse program even on rainy days. Experience our ancient mining tunnels and mystical caves, grand spa facilities, interesting exhibitions and historical churches. There’s an event no matter the weather! Even on ‘dreary days’, a holiday on Lake Hallstatt is always bright!

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